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OKI Main specification

The OKI series is the result of high technology and functional solution to guarantee the easy and flexible use by the medical staff and the best patient’s comfort. All OKI models are made by aluminium profiles assembled with different configurations. They have the following features: – The smooth surfaces is an advantage, guaranteeing cleanliness, also in the phase of disinfection of the products. – The length of BHU can be customized according with customer’s request. – The location of gas and electrical components are designed to meet and satisfy any customer’s request. The internal compartments are designed to separate the different services. The circuit of medical gas are completely isolated from electric compartment. The electrical wires are located in different compartments in order to separate the main power (110÷230V) and low voltage (12/24V).

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On the rear side there is a location for the electrical cables to be connected to the main power plug on the wall. The lights are protected by a special polycarbonate cover to guarantee the best light diffusion in the environments. – All our Bed Head Units are tested and ready to install. – All models can be customized in according to customer needs.


We can supply the Bed Head Unit with the gas outlet and pre-piping, already installed and fully tested.

Wall Fixing

Fast and easy maintenance system to change the light.

Easy service and maintenance

Easy installation

The Bed Head Unit is fixed on the wall by metallic flange, in order to have easy installation.